Simple Article


§article Sample Article §author John H. Doe This is a simple article. §section Introduction Articles can contain sections but not chapters (like §latex). §subsection Yeah, we have sub-sections too Up to 7 levels of sub-sections are supported (also like §latex).

To typeset this, use the command

% gsset -S /lib/globalscript/stylesheets/article.style.gs sample.doc.idmc > sample.ps % page sample.ps
It is an error to mis-match the style-sheet and the document.

The § character introduces a macro or markup element. The §article macro, at the beginning of a file, declares the file as an article; the article title is the text between §article and either a paragraph break or a macro such as §author. White space at the beginning or end of the title is ignored, as are runs of more than one space within text.

The §author macro declares the article's author; again, the author name is taken to be the text between the §author and the next paragraph break. Paragraph breaks are represented by blank lines, as in LaTeX.